Briscon - #1 in Fastening the Power

For over 70 years Briscon has been a leader in manufacturing metal fasteners, staples and fittings. Known for creating the original stainless steel staple that adheres to testing agency standards, Briscon has been recognized by customer and industry leaders throughout the market as a premium brand.

Cable Staples

Briscon started manufacturing steel staples in 1948 as the industry needed corrosion resistance for many applications. Briscon later added galvanized steel staples as well as stainless steel for the highest level of corrosion resistance and has since worked with testing agencies to establish the standard for stainless steel staples.

Cable Straps

Briscon manufactures a wide variety of one and two hole cable straps for most cable and conduit fastening solutions. This includes galvanized steel, aluminum and stainless steel straps.

Service Entrance Kits

Briscon was the first in the industry to offer service entrance kits. These kits offer extreme convenience for the electrician by providing the necessary straps, connectors, weather caps and sill plates for the job all packed into one box.

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